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1. Jesus Walking on Water

This tattoo is truly a work of colorful art, and it is a true faith tattoo depicting Jesus walking on water and pulling someone out of the water, in turn saving them.


2. Vesica Piscis Christian Fish

The Vesica Piscis is the common name for the Christian fish symbol, and it is designed to represent the strength and power of women.


3. Faith In God

This faith tattoo uses a flowing font to express one's faith in God


4. The Face of Jesus

This faith tattoo uses fine lines to depict the face of Jesus as he was being crucified on the cross, including the crown of thorns that was placed on his head.


5. Classic John 3:16 Arm Band

The meaning behind this design is to express favoritism for your favorite Bible verse. In the photo, John 3:16 was used, but you could swap it out with any verse that you prefer.


6. Praying Hands

This faith tattoo uses the traditional praying hands holding a set of rosary beads. It uses exquisite shading details on the hands, sleeves, and border.


7. Flying Dove Faith Hand Tattoo

The main focal point of this tattoo is the beautiful font that is used for the word "Faith". It is designed to look as though it is floating in the skies as the peaceful dove figure flies below it lifting it on its wings.


8. Small Cross Tattoo

This cross tattoo will make an excellent choice for someone that wants to show their faith but in a small way that can still be covered by gloves for work if needed.


9. Traditional Jesus Portrait Faith Tattoo

This tattoo is designed to fit on the upper arm and work its way down towards the elbow. It is a vision of the classic Jesus portrait that he is known for around the time of the great supper.