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Born Phoebe Ann Mosey

August 13, 1860

Near Willowdell, Ohio, United States

Died November 3, 1926 (aged 66)in Greenville, Ohio, United States

Cause of death Pernicious anemia

Spouse Frank E. Butler (m. 1876; d. 1926)

Parents Susan Wise Mosey (1830–1908), Jacob Mosey (1799–1866)

An American sharpshooter and exhibition shooter. Her "amazing talent" first came to light when the then 15-year-old
won a shooting match with traveling show marksman Frank E. Butler (whom she married).
The couple joined Buffalo Bill's Wild West show a few years later.
Oakley became a renowned international star, performing before royalty and heads of state.

Oakley also was variously known as "Miss Annie Oakley", "Little Sure Shot", "Little Miss Sure Shot", "Watanya Cicilla",
"Phoebe Anne Oakley", "Mrs. Annie Oakley", "Mrs. Annie Butler", and "Mrs. Frank Butler".
Her death certificate gives her name as "Annie Oakley Butler".

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