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1. Buzz Lightyear

If you are a Toy Story fan, you will love this tattoo. Buzz Lightyear is a great character for any lover of those fun movies.


2. Bugs Bunny

Bugs Bunny tattoo is a symbol of joy, cheerfulness and love. It means that the person wearing it has similar qualities in his own personality that he or she tries to give out to others through this tattoo.


3. Mickey and Minnie

It is not a secret that children love cartoons. However, those children tend to grow up to be adults who also love cartoons. Although they would love watching different types of movies, the joy of watching an animated comedy cartoon will never grow old with them.


4. Minions

Minions are known to be free-spirited and crazy as hell. So if a Minion tattoo describes you, don't even think twice, get it. It is probably the best option for you. You can get Minion tattoos on your forearm, calve or any other party of the body you wish


5. Smurfs

If you love the Smurfs, then you are sure to love this design that will bring you back to those days when you sat on the carpet and watched those cartoons.


6. Tom and Jerry

A Tom and Jerry tattoo may signify that the wearer has an appreciation for mischief, since Tom and Jerry consistently pull pranks on one another during the show.


7. Wonder Woman

Much like the original comic and recent DC films, Wonder Woman tattoos symbolize values of femininity that should be more celebrated, such as strength and self-reliance, peace and the value for life, and sisterhood/support among women.